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The Portuguese Association of Tourist Guides and Tour Managers (AGIC) was founded on May13th, 2004 by public deed (Diário da República no. 171, 3rd series, July 22, 2004), following the 1st National Congress of Tourist Guides and Tour Managers held on January 31st, 2004.

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We value the quality of our service, based on the knowledge of Portugal, provided in several languages by our high standard, competent, licensed tourist guides and tour managers.

We offer services for individual travellers  or groups for short and/or longer stays

Together by AGIC

We introduce the online magazine by AGIC.

The magazine is dedicated to those either wanting to visit Portugal or living in Portugal being foreign and, in both cases, wiling to explore and learn more about this country.


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We are finishing this edition in the hope that, if we all dream together, the world will leap forward and Mankind will, for once, make the right choices. That being said, we hope you dream with us and enjoy the Magazine.


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Christmas is about giving, giving a piece of yourself. It is about tradition and culture. It is about the smell of our childhood and the ability to feel in awe, it is about passing on, from generation to generation, the creeds and rituals our culture is made of.

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The articles on this magazine were selected by them because they translate how they feel about travelling. The underlying message is: discover, enjoy and respect your destination and the people that you encounter. That will make your experience more complete.

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