About AGIC


The Portuguese Association of Tourist Guides and Tour Managers (AGIC) was founded on May13th, 2004 by public deed (Diário da República no. 171, 3rd series, July 22, 2004), following the 1st National Congress of Tourist Guides and Tour Managers held on January 31st, 2004.

At the congress, matters such as the evolution of the professions’ practice during the 20th century were subject to analysis and discussed multiple aspects and requirements that the new work frames imposed. The year 2004 was thus marked by the founding of a non-profitable association not connected to a union, where accredited tourist information professionals could be represented.

Throughout its existence, AGIC has maintained contacts with public and private national and international entities and became a full member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFGTA), a member of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and UNESCO partner, having signed the Macau Declaration which emphasizes the importance of qualified Tourist Guides, declaring that they «are the professionals».

AGIC and WFTGA consider the training of tourist guides with a high standard of quality and professional ethics vital to ensure the best professional practice. Both organizations have adopted the WTO Code of Ethics for Tourism (UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism) as their code of conduct. See on this regard: The Code of ethics for Tourism

AGIC was the founder of the National Congress of Tourist Information (CNIT) in 2015 which has been held yearly throughout the country since then in partnership with various City Councils, Regional Tourism General Directors and other tourist guides’ associations.

AGIC also participates actively in national and international forums, including the International Research Forum on Guided Tours (IRFGT) and WFTGA’s international conventions.