I would like to thank following people: Ana Isabel Sousa at AGIC by whom I met (...) who co-wrote this book; (...) for her never-ending creative talent as a certified tourist guide in Lisbon. So, all this saying and being grateful to you what you did to me: thank you so much, Isabel !

request for tour guides writing about Lisbon locations for MADAME X REVISITED book

english/dutch speaking guide

The choirs enjoyed very much the explanations of the guides about the history of the city. They were funny and professional at the same time and very understanding with the people who had walking difficulties and kept all the group together. We are very happy how things went this year and we would like to continue this successful cooperation also for the next year edtition of ON STAGE in Lisbon.

On Stage (2019)

choir festival

His German is FLUENTILY without any accent; very warm, organized, calm, charming, professional appearance and style of guiding. He provided many knowledge about LIS. The group liked him a lot!

german speaking guide

deutschsprechender Reiseleiter

Vimos por este meio agradecer o vosso contributo, para o sucesso do evento A Grande Viagem. Os parabéns e elogios que recebemos do nosso Cliente e seus convidados, são extensíveis a todos os que colaboraram neste evento e são a prova de que vale a pena o trabalho em equipa!

A Grande Viagem

Tendências & Eventos