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Associação Portuguesa dos Guias-Intérpretes e Correios de Turismo

Together 4 – English edition

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Foi lançada no dia 17 de Março 2022 a edição nº 4, em língua inglesa da revista Together – by AGIC.

Deixamos um excerto do Editorial:

We struggled with this edition.

Somehow talking about things that seemed so relevant and interesting when we started planning it, filled with the enthusiasm that takes over the team with every new edition of Together, seemed to lose its relevance in face of one of Mankind´s most horrific inventions: WAR Just as we were coming out of a pandemic that put our lives on hold, and finally gave us some reasons to start believing again, fate decided to pay yet another trick on the world.

We were pulled away from our European comfort and privilege and were faced with something we mostly managed to ignore when it was happening far away: WAR And now it was happening next door!

We almost wanted to give up. It seemed frivolous to talk about travelling, culture, gastronomy, music and other pleasures in this context.

But then we saw this image: Polish Mothers leaving their prams to Ukrainian Moms who arrived in Poland carrying their children… (…)

Maria João Albuquerque

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