Associação Portuguesa dos Guias-Intérpretes e Correios de Turismo
Associação Portuguesa dos Guias-Intérpretes e Correios de Turismo


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In these strange times we are living that hit the Tourism sector the hardest, the Portuguese Association of Tourist Guides and Tour Managers (AGIC)’s members faced for the very first time a zero activity year. But we were not put down by adversity, we rolled up our sleeves and decided to convert available time into creativity time, and hence the TOGETHER by AGIC magazine.

Together 1
Together 1

This is an on-line, free of charge magazine dedicated to those, as we professional guides, love traveling and improving one’s knowledge and understanding of the world. 
AGIC would like to express its appreciation to those who participated in creating the first edition of the magazine. Thank you!

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